The Caregiver's Way

It is our policy to create an environment which is responsible to our employees, the individuals we serve and conforms to their needs.

We strive to fulfill our name by providing the best possible care and preparing individuals to live independently.

We make it our policy to identify and remedy problems.

It is our objective to never lose a single employee or individual whom we serve.

Provide quality service to individuals whom we serve, to meet their everyday needs with trained staff, with personalities compatible with the individual.

Enable individuals whom we serve to live and work in the community with the same degree of responsibility as others.

Assurance that all standards from the state are met and carried out on a daily basis.

Provide support and services that require integrity, compassion and respect for individual differences and choices.

Respect the privacy and rights of the individuals whom we serve.

Advocate for the standards that promote outcomes of quality for people.

Focus on continuous training for staff to promote and maintain the same quality of service.

Promote independence for individuals by teaching skills that will be useful in day-to-day life.

We require appropriate professional attitudes from our employees when working with individuals whom we serve.

Quality control includes careful audits of paperwork and services outlined in the ISP of each each individual whom we serve.

Provide special training for staff for medical administration. Each employee must meet the requirements to be certified in order to be employed by CFI.

Caregivers For Independence Will:

Provide support and service as a public trust that requires integrity, compassion, and respect for individual differences and choices;

Provide support and service designed to meet the needs of the individual with emphasis on promoting choice, self-determination, community inclusion, growth and development;

Respect the privacy of persons served and protect the right of confidentiality;

Give preference to professional responsibility over any personal interests;

Advocate for standards that promote outcomes of quality for people;

Contribute ideas, findings, concepts, understanding, knowledge and practice to the body of community support; and develop continuing education and expand knowledge of the leading practices in providing support and service in the field of disabilities;

Encourage and advocate for the protection of the individual and the community against unethical and/or illegal practices or actions by other individuals or organizations engaged in providing support;

Not discriminate because of race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability or national ancestry, and shall work to eliminate or prevent such discrimination in providing support;

Promote inclusion and equitable treatment of all people, including those receiving support, staff, friends, families and the public;

Serve as a responsible steward for public and private funds; and

Be accountable for statements made with respect to individuals with disabilities and distinguish clearly, where appropriate, statements and actions made as an individual.